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Correction to Mishpacha Rechnitz Article

In general we do not like to correct other articles that were already printed.  However, we feel that there was an error in the Rechnitz interview in Mishapacha magazine.  Here is a direct quote from the article. 

"A very popular shadchan, who spends 18 hours a day on shidduchim and is very familiar with the numbers, suggested to me that a girl in the yeshivah world who is over the age of 25 has less than a 15 percent chance of ever getting married. When I tried verifying that statistic with another shadchan, he thought it was overly generous". 

This sentence should not have been included in the article as there is no data to support it.  Additionally, the shadchanim who made the off-the-cuff exaggerated statements probably never intended to have their comments taken as fact and published.   However, the rest of the article contains many useful insights on the overall situation, and is definitely worth reading.

We wanted you to know of this error before reading the article.  Click on the image below to see the original unedited article.