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  • 1) Where did we get the information that baby population is growing at about 5% per year?
  • 2) Why do Chasidim have a (smaller) reverse crisis, namely that there are virtually no older single girls, yet there are some older single boys?
  • 3) Based on the numbers used, why do we "only" have a 10% problem for the girls?  Should it not be higher?

                    Click here  for the answer to the three questions above

  • Why are there many single bochurim in BMG? 

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  • How does bashert fit into the picture?    

                    For an explanation of Bashert & Hishtadlus click here

                    For a halachic explanation, please click here.

  • Wouldn't the problem resolve itself if there were more shadchanim involved?

                    Click here for an answer.

  • ​Isn't the problem all about money?

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  • What if I am not ready to get married?

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