Isn’t the shidduch crisis all about MONEY?

There is no question that young women from financially well-off families seem to have an easier time with shidduchim than do the young women from less well-off families.  This is not to say that all young women with financial resources get married, but it is true that they have an easier time getting married. 

So, on the surface it may seem that money is the real problem.   However it is important to differentiate the cause of the shidduch crisis from the effect of the shidduch crisis.  The cause of the shidduch crisis is because there are many more young women looking for a shidduch than there are young men looking for a shidduch.  The effect is that some women therefore remain single.  It just so happens that if there are many more women then men, the men will become choosey as to whom they will consider for a shidduch.  Being that money is a high priority item, (even if it is not the highest priority), the young women with more financial resources will be given higher priority.   If there was no shidduch crisis, meaning that there were an equal amount of young men as there are young women in the shidduch parsha, then money would not be the overriding factor.  Therefore we can safely say that because there is a shidduch crisis, money (being a high priority item) becomes a very important factor.

Solving the shidduch crisis by equalizing the number of young women to the number of young men looking for a shidduch will make the money problem disappear.

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