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​​​The problem has been building for many years.  ​It cannot fix itself.  ​However, what YOU and YOUR SON do regarding shidduchim will אי"ה solve the crisis.  Take the steps below to make a real difference.

  • Speak to your son about the benefits of starting shidduchim earlier.

  • If your son is currently in an American Beis Medrash, ask the Rosh Yeshiva if he allows dating while at the Yeshiva.  Roshei Yeshiva are starting to allow dating at least by the last scheduled zman.  It cannot hurt to ask.  This single step has the potential to stop the crisis in its tracks.

  • Consider the many benefits to keeping your son in American Yeshivos. If he is here, the shadchanim, neighbors and relatives will notice and will redd him a shidduch.

  • If your son is currently in Eretz Yisroel, you can actively look into shidduch prospects you find interesting while he is in Eretz Yisroel, so your son can pursue the shidduch when he is back during bein hazemanim.

  • Be proactive. Make the following statement to your neighbors, friends, relatives and shadchan: “If you have something good to redd for my son, please do so.” That one statement made by you can make a world of difference to the thousands of girls graduating in the future. If you start your son’s shidduchim earlier, then your neighbor’s daughter will have a better chance of getting engaged. If your neighbor’s son starts shidduchim earlier, your daughter will have a better chance of getting engaged. 

  • ​If your son is already in shidduchim, please consider a girl that is near or the same age as your son.

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