• ​Video -  The four most commonly asked questions about the shidduch crisis.  R' Yisroel Lichtenstein discusses them all.

       1) Bashert,   2) Halacha,   3) Maturity,   4) What you can do

                                       Click here or here to view it.


  • A Kol Koreh was signed by 90 Rabbonim encouraging bochurim to start shidduchim at AGE 21.      Click here to see it.

  • AMI magazine recently interviewed Roshei Yeshiva and Askanim about the newest initative of starting bochurim at AGE 21.    

​​                                                                                  Click here to read it.

  • ​From Binah Magazine article, "A Tale of Two Siblings:" the story of a mother seeking shidduchim for her son and daughter.  How differently the shadchanim react to each of those children, represents the toll of the shidduch crisis on hundreds of families.       Click here to  read it.

  • Voice of Lakwood "Why More Bachurim are Choosing to Stay Home"

​​                                                                                Click here to read it.

  • ​Video - Mr Gershon Barnett discusses the shidduch crisis at the Torah Umsorah Convention.                                    Click here to view it.​​

  • ​Video - R' Yosroel Lichtenstein demonstrates how the shidduch crisis cannot fix itself.  You can clearly see why age gap must be narrowed to solve the crisis.                                              Click here to view it.

Hamodia recently interviewed Roshei Yeshiva about the positive impact younger shidduchim can have.  Also includes an interview with a bochur that stayed in the US and is very happy with his decision. 
                                                                                      Click here to read it.

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