Would involvement of More Shadchanim Solve the Crisis?

The answer is no.  The problem lies in the imbalance of the number of young women looking for a shidduch vs. the number of young men looking for a shidduch.  As explained in the extensive report(click here to read) all the shadchanim in the world cannot possibly pair up 120 young women with 100 young men.  A shadchan can try on behalf of one individual, and the shadchan may actually succeed by giving that individual extra attention.  A young women herself can try different tactics in order to improve her chances of being considered, and may succeed with those efforts.  A young woman’s family may improve the chance that their daughter will be considered by promising more financial support, and that family may actually succeed with those efforts.  In all of these cases the only thing that has shifted is which of the young women gets selected – a terrible sort of “musical chairs.”   The net result, however, is still the same: 20 out of120 in our example cannot possibly find a shidduch.  All the shadchanim in the world cannot change this unfortunate outcome.

Solving the shidduch crisis by equalizing the number of young women to the number of young men looking for a shidduch, will make the crisis disappear.

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